Lashia Australia Pty Ltd ABN 32 612 290 249 (Lashia Australia) is a family run business, which originated in Stockholm, Sweden in 2006. Lashia Australia expanded to the Gold Coast, Australia in 2016, offering courses for students as well as both lash and brow services to clients. All courses are facilitated by the owner Mimmi Ebbersten who’s passion is to mentor and coach aspiring Lash Artists. Mimmi helps support her students from their professional training to the start-up of their own Lash Business. Students are invited back to the studio for additional support after their courses to mirror the approach taken at Lashia Australia where Mimmi will assist her students throughout their professional careers as lash artists.

1. 1.1 Students are accountable for their actions. Failure to comply with this Code may constitute a breach of our policies and Lashia Australia may take appropriate action. In taking any action under these policies and procedures, Lashia Australia will afford the individual the fundamental principles of natural justice and procedural fairness.
2. 1.2 Students should report potential breaches of these policies and procedures to the Director of Lashia Australia.

2. 2.1 Upon enrolment in Lashia Australia, students and/or their parents/guardians must provide:
* a. a signed copy of this document;
* b. the following completed and signed forms (enclosed with document):
* i. Annexure I – Enrolment Form;
* ii. Annexure II – Emergency Details and Medical Information Form;
* iii. Annexure III – Consent Form to use, record or disclose copyright material, image, recording, name or personal information;
* iv. Annexure IV – Copyright Policy; and
* v. Annexure IV – Debitsuccess Authorisation Form (if applicable).

1. 3. TERM OF Courses
3.1 Lashia Australia operates on various schedules based on the applicable course You have registered for.
3.2 By registering for a course, You agree to attend each lesson on time and participate in all discussions, exercises and exams. Failure to do so may result in You not graduating the course and not receiving a completion certificate.
3.3 The discretion lies with the Director and Instructor as to whether alternative attendance can be made possible for students who miss or are unable to attend lessons, exercises or exams. Lashia Australia will make reasonable accommodations for those who are unable to attend (assuming they have provided reasonable notice to their Instructor).
3.4 By registering for an online course, You agree to at your best intentions, complete and participate in all lessons, tutorials, virtual meetings, and complete and pass all relevant assessments in order to receiving a completion certificate.

2. 4.1 Parents/guardians and/or students must ensure that all student information provided to Lashia Australia is up to date and accurate at any given time.
3. 4.2 A completed and signed copy of our Enrolment Form must be returned with this document.
4. 4.3 Should there be any changes to the information or details of a student, the student and/or parent/guardian is required to immediately notify Lashia Australia in writing.

2. 5.1 Our students are expected to be well-groomed and wear clean clothing, free of holes, tears, or other signs of wear.
3. 5.2 Out of a hygienic perspective, short length fingernails and sanitised hands are a requirement when working on a model at our premises.
4. 5.3 These policies apply to our entire community in promoting a professional and respectful environment for our clients and students.
5. 5.4 When working on a model, You agree to follow Lashia’s infection control practices, this includes but is not limited to: wearing a facemask covering mouth and nose, washing your hands with warm soapy water before meeting your model, using hand sanitiser at anytime after touching any unsterile item or surface, and accurately sterilising your tools between use.

2. 6.1 Lashia Australia will provide the necessary resources and learning materials for its students.
3. 6.2 Lashia Australia will allow its students to use its equipment and tools during courses. Students are responsible for bringing anything else they require for their courses. Your educator will advise students upon enrolment of what is required to bring, depending on the course.
4. 6.3 Lashia Australia prides itself on its safe and respectful environment. Lashia Australia expects parents/guardians and students to behave in a respectful manner.
5. 6.4 We strive to create and encourage a safe and welcoming environment for learning and creativity. Behaviours which inhibit the learning space will not be tolerated.

2. 7.1 Students are expected to attend their scheduled courses fifteen (15) minutes before the scheduled start time to allow for a prompt start to each scheduled session.
3. 7.2 Should a student show up to a lesson late, their scheduled course will still end at the scheduled end time, unless otherwise advised by the instructor.
4. 7.3 Missed and late sessions are non-refundable without adequate notice in accordance with the provisions of these policies and procedures.
5. 7.4 Missed or late sessions may result in cancellation, with no financial compensation or refunds.

1. 8. rescheduling of COURSES
2. 8.1 Should a course need to be rescheduled or cancelled, a minimum notice must be provided.
* (a) Once a course has been scheduled and a non-refundable booking fee has been paid, any cancellations will result in forfeiture of the booking fee.
* (b) Should you wish to withdraw your enrolment, Lashia Australia requires ten (10) business days’ written notice (Notice Period), before the scheduled course. The booking fee can then be used for a future course but is non-refundable.
* (c) Would the student for any reason reschedule/cancel a second time, the booking fee will be forfeited, and a new booking fee will need to be paid to reschedule.
* (d) Cancellation/rescheduling less than 10 business days prior to course start will result in 50% forfeiture of the tuition fee.
* (e) Cancellation/rescheduling less than 48 hours prior to course start will result in 100% forfeiture of the tuition fee.
* (f) In the circumstances where a course has been scheduled or commenced but not yet paid, cancellations/rescheduling of a course within the Notice Period, Lashia Australia reserves the right to demand payment in full.
3. 8.2 Lashia Australia understands that due to unforeseen emergencies, there may be extenuating circumstances where notice may not be possible. Should adequate documentation be provided, Lashia Australia is prepared to make reasonable concessions to accommodate its students. Such exceptional circumstances will be at the Director’s discretion.
* (a) Such circumstances are not inclusive of illness. Should a course need to be cancelled or rescheduled due to illness, regular notice must be provided, pursuant to clause 8 of this agreement.
4. 8.3 Should a course need to be cancelled due to the unavailability of a Lashia Australia, we will make every reasonable effort to find a substitute instructor to avoid cancellation. If we cannot find a substitute instructor, the course will be rescheduled to the convenience of the student and subject to the availability of the salon and the instructor.
5. 8.4 Should a student fail to provide Lashia Australia with notice pursuant to this clause of its intention to withdraw from enrolment, Lashia Australia reserves the right to demand payment for any scheduled courses that fall within the Notice Period.

1. 9. payment
2. 9.1 A deposit will be taken by students when they register for a course with Lashia Australia. This deposit is non-refundable but can be used towards a future course, should the student wish to reschedule, pursuant to clause 8 of this agreement.
3. 9.2 All fees are due in advance of a scheduled course. If payment is not received by the invoice due date, the course reservation may become void and a 10% late fee may apply at the sole discretion of the director of Lashia Australia.
4. 9.3 Once an invoice is issued by Lashia Australia, it is important it is paid by the due date as indicated on the invoice. Failure to do so may result in late fees or cancellation of your enrolment.
5. 9.4 Fees are based on enrolment, not attendance.
6. 9.5 If a student misses a lesson, no refund, credit or reschedule will be made available, except where clause 8 applies.
7. 9.6 In the event that a student wishes to pay its invoices by fortnightly direct debit, the student or parent/guardian must complete the Authorisation form (Form) located at Annexure IV of this document. The Form must be completed to confirm a student’s lesson reservation.
Transaction Fees
1. 9.7 A transaction fee will not be applicable when an invoice is paid in full by bank account transfer or Visa/Mastercard. A transaction fee only applies for direct debit instalments and is added on the fortnightly debit total.
2. 9.8 Any transaction/administration fees on direct debit instalments are per external agreement with the debt facility. When entering an agreement for direct debit through external channels, you understand you are entirely liable for any late fees, administration fees and interest charges on that account, and liable for payment of the tuition fee in full by end of term.

1. 10. duty of care and risk management
2. 10.1 Lashia Australia agrees to take reasonable care for the safety and welfare of all individuals presence at the premises. Lashia Australia will take all reasonable action to protect students from reasonably foreseeable risks or harm.
3. 10.2 You agree to minimise your own risk by behaving in a safe and practical manner while being present at Lashia Australia premises.
4. 10.3 Lashia Australia will take all reasonable steps to eliminate or minimise any risks to health and safety at Lashia Australia premises and ensuring the safety of students and others while at Lashia Australia premises.
5. 10.4 Lashia Australia will follow all reasonable safe work practices and comply with reasonable instructions. Any hazards or unsafe work practices in the work environment should be reported to the Director of Lashia Australia immediately.
6. 10.5 In the event of an accident or emergency, students may be required to provide a statement to our Director.

1. 11. use of social media, electronic communications, phones and internet
2. 11.1 Social Media is defined as any platform which enables users to create and share content including but not limited to, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat.
3. 11.2 Comments and posts on Social Media, electronic communication and phones can leave a permanent record. Students, clients, staff and parents/guardians must recognise the potential for negative consequences for themselves, Lashia Australia, colleagues, students, parents/guardians and the Lashia Australia community through their personal use of Social Media, electronic communications and phones.
4. 11.3 The internet provided at the Lashia Australia premises is designated for learning purposes. Use of the internet at Lashia Australia by staff, students and parents/guardians is limited to learning and educational purposes only.
5. 11.4 Unless otherwise instructed by Lashia Australia, electronic devices and social media cannot be used during lessons unless prompted for learning purposes. Lashia Australia has a zero-tolerance policy for the use of electronic devices during lessons for other than taking before/after photos, to access the digital course manual, this is to ensure the quality of our student experience.
6. 11.5 With respect to posting on Social Media, we expect our students and parents/guardians to abide by the same policies as Lashia Australia. Prior to posting any images or videos of Lashia Australia or other students/clients, we require the authorisation of that student, client, their parent/guardian or Lashia Australia. Please be respectful when posting and provide an opportunity for the subjects of your post to offer their authorised consent.

2. 12.1 Lashia Australia reserves the right to take photos and videos of our students, clients, parents and guardians. These images and videos may be used for marketing purposes and in accordance with the terms of the Consent Form to use, record or disclose copyright material, image, recording, name or personal information, and our Privacy Policy.
3. 12.2 In order to protect the students and staff of Lashia Australia, surveillance cameras may be installed throughout and around our premises.
4. 12.3 Where a student is eighteen (18) years of age or over, the student is required to carefully review, complete and sign the Consent Form to use, record or disclose copyright material, image, recording, name and personal information located at Annexure III of this document.
5. 12.4 Where a student is under the age of eighteen (18), their parents/guardians are required to carefully review, complete and sign the Consent Form to use, record or disclose copyright material, image, recording, name or personal information located at Annexure III of this document.

1. 13. smoking, alcohol and drugs
1. 13.1 Patrons must comply with all laws in relation to the use and supply of tobacco and smoking products, including the Tobacco and Other Smoking Products Act 1998 (Qld).
2. 13.2 Patrons are legally banned from smoking on Lashia Australia facility and on land within a five (5) meter boundary of Lashia Australia or within the designated smoking area of the building.
1. 13.3 Alcohol consumption or attending our premises under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited.
2. 13.4 Alcohol that is present on the premises of Lashia Australia for approved purposes (such as social functions) must be contained in a secure location which is not accessible by our students under the legal drinking age in Australia.
3. 13.5 The Director of Lashia Australia must approve of the provision of alcohol at social functions.

1. 13.6 We expect our community to comply with the law and prohibit the consumption of illicit drugs. Further, we prohibit the attendance of Lashia Australia’s premises while under the influence of or be in the possession of illegal drugs.

1. 14. misconduct
Reporting process for misconduct
1. 14.1 If a Lashia Australia community member has concerns or suspicions, or makes allegations about abuse of, or harm to, a student/client the following steps will be taken by our administration:
* a. identify protection concerns through recognising the signs of abuse and harm, or through disclosures or receipt of information;
* b. seek guidance and support – if necessary, confer with the Director of Lashia Australia or appropriate colleagues, or use resources to establish whether a ‘reasonable suspicion’ has been formed;
* c. where a reasonable suspicion of abuse, harm or inappropriate behaviour is formed – report the concerns according to the specific processes outlined in this document; and
* d. remain focused on the support needs of the individual and liaise with the Director of Lashia Australia around any planning or actions that may be required.
Emotional boundaries
1. 14.2 Instructors must respect the emotional needs and well-being of community members and ensure that they do not violate appropriate emotional boundaries with students or clients.
2. 14.3 Students must respect the emotional needs and well-being of community members and ensure that they do not violate appropriate emotional boundaries with their Instructor or clients.
Behavioural boundaries
1. 14.4 Students must respect behavioural boundaries with clients. Students must not develop a relationship with a client that is, or that could be seen to be, a personal rather than professional relationship.
2. 14.5 Where a personal relationship exists between a student and a client (such as a family relationship), the instructor must declare that relationship to the Director of Lashia Australia, at the earliest opportunity.
3. 14.6 Students must not drive a client in their vehicle unless they have first obtained the specific written permission of the parent/guardian and/or the Director of Lashia Australia.
4. 14.7 Students must ensure that they do not violate appropriate behavioural boundaries with clients.

2. 15.1 Our community must promote dignity, courtesy and respect at work and avoid behaviour which is or might reasonably be perceived to amount to workplace bullying, sexual harassment, abuse or discrimination. Students who believe that anyone in the salon is being bullied, sexually harassed or discriminated against, should report the behaviour to the Director of Lashia Australia.
3. 15.2 Sexual harassment is unlawful under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 (Qld). Physical assault, threats of physical assault, sexual assault, indecent exposure and stalking are all criminal offences which should be reported to the Queensland Police Service and the Director of Lashia Australia.
4. 15.3 Lashia Australia may take appropriate action if a parent/guardian or student is found to have bullied or sexually harassed another person.
5. 15.4 Parents/guardians and students must not unlawfully discriminate against any person, as described in the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 (Qld).

1. 16. copyright and intellectual property
2. 16.1 Our instructors may use Lashia Australia’s intellectual property during their courses with Lashia Australia.
3. 16.2 All material supplied by Lashia Australia is wholly owned by Lashia Australia.
4. 16.3 Parents/guardians and students cannot use Lashia Australia’s intellectual property for any private purposes either during or after their enrolment with Lashia Australia (for example, conducting a private business) without obtaining the prior written permission of Lashia Australia.
5. 16.4 Staff, students and parents/guardians are required to become familiar with and to comply with their respective obligations as described in Lashia Australia’s Copyright Policy.

1. 17. emergency evacuation and fire safety
2. 17.1 Lashia Australia members have all undergone appropriate training to follow proper protocol in the case of an emergency evacuation or fire.
3. 17.2 Students must adhere to all reasonable instructions made by Lashia Australia and its staff in times of emergencies.
4. 17.3 Students must adhere to all Emergency Evacuation and Fire Safety Regulations. A copy of the Emergency Evacuation and Fire Safety Regulations of the premises can be found at Annexure V of this document.
5. 17.4 Parents/guardians and students must familiarise themselves with the emergency evacuation diagram and site plan to prepare in case of an emergency.

The purpose of this Copyright Policy (Policy) is to outline responsibilities and procedures regarding the use of Lashia Australia Pty Ltd ABN 32 612 290 249 (Lashia Australia) learning materials. This Policy outlines your ongoing obligations to Lashia Australia in respect of our materials as distributed for learning purposes.

This Policy applies to all Lashia Australia staff, students, parents/guardians and controlled entities. The scope of this Policy is limited to specifying responsibilities and procedures regarding:
* • the use of our materials for teaching, learning, research or administrative purposes; and
* • the use of third-party copyright materials for teaching, learning, research or administrative purposes.

How protected materials can be used depends upon who owns the copyright, whether the use of the materials is the subject of an agreement, the type of material used, how the material is used, how much material is being used and the purpose for which the material will be used.
Lashia Australia has a responsibility to provide information and guidelines to employees, students, parents/guardians, controlled entities and individuals associated with Lashia Australia (Individuals) concerning copyright. These can be broken down into the following:
* • addressing copyright rights and responsibilities;
* • developing, implementing and supporting systems and processes that facilitate copyright compliance;
* • ensuring there are financial, structural and administrative procedures in place to meet its obligations under copyright legislation and review and revise these as required;
* • monitoring external developments in relation to copyright, especially copyright legislation, revising and updating policies, practices and documentation to adequately reflect changes and to raise awareness of any developments as appropriate;
* • ensuring Lashia Australia’s services, classes, policies and facilities meet the requirements of the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) (Copyright Act) and are reviewed and revised periodically; and
* • responding appropriately to any alleged breaches of the Copyright Act brought to the attention of authorised officers of Lashia Australia or of which officers become aware.
Individuals have a responsibility to:
* • take reasonable steps to become aware and keep themselves aware of their rights and obligations in relation to copyright, including moral rights obligations;
* • adhere to the requirements of the Copyright Act and apply Lashia Australia’s policies, practices and procedures when using copyright works;
* • consult with Lashia Australia if developing learning and teaching resources, to ensure compliance with the relevant Copyright Act requirements, licence conditions and Lashia Australia processes;
* • consult with Lashia Australia before entering into agreements with outside organisations on behalf of Lashia Australia, particularly when third party and/or Lashia Australia’s copyright material has been used; and
* • report any alleged breaches of copyright to Lashia Australia.

Generally, the Copyright Act contains provisions which may allow educational institutions to use some text, images or other learning materials in ways that would otherwise require copyright clearance.
As Lashia Australia’s learning materials are all original and copyrighted, it is important to note that Individuals cannot copy nor communicate text, images or print learning materials without a copyright clearance. This includes if the materials are being used for educational purposes or if that Individual works for an educational institution that is covered by Part VB educational statutory licence.
Individuals cannot use Lashia Australia’s learning resources without receiving explicit written consent from Lashia Australia’s Director. Failure to obtain consent will be considered a breach of this Policy under legislative requirements in Australia.

Lashia Australia’s disciplinary procedures may be applied where Individuals fail to comply with this Policy or the Copyright Act. Some breaches of the Copyright Act are criminal offences, attracting heavy fines and terms of imprisonment.
All Individuals are entirely responsible for any copyright infringement resulting directly or indirectly from their actions.

All Individuals must ensure that they understand and comply with the legal restrictions and obligations regarding the use of Lashia Australia’s copyright material.

Lashia Australia reserves the right to update and change this Copyright Policy from time to time to reflect any changes or to meet changing legal requirements. We may notify you about changes to this Copyright Policy by posting an updated version on our website. We encourage you to check our website from time to time to ensure you are familiar with our latest Copyright Policy.

If you have any queries or complaints about our Copyright Policy, please contact us at:

Upon submitting my payment, I understand that by registering for Lashia Australia’s course I will be provided original and copyrighted learning materials. I agree not to use Lashia Australia’s materials without the explicit, written consent of Lashia Australia’s Director.